About us ....


Rose & Ena is a small family business run by mother and daughter  Andrea and Samantha. Our love for home accessories and styling our own homes inspired us to open an online shop selling beautiful items for the home.

Where it all began....

Our business venture began like most things, sitting there with a cuppa talking about how it would be lovely owning our own business (or as we call it, living in dream land) until one day we both thought why not give it ago!

The name of our business was inspired by our late mother/grandmother, Rosina. Her charm, wit and caring nature made her a perfect role model so naming our business after her seems like a perfect way of honouring her memory.


After lots of planning and research (Oh, and many headaches) we are at the point where we were ready to launch our beautiful range of homeware and gifts! We Launched June 2017 and have now become an established online retailer.


Much consideration has gone into selecting the items available on our website, we take pride in knowing that each and every item is excellent quality! We hope you love it like we do.

Thank you to each and every person who has brought from us and supported us. Thank you for supporting our small business.

Happy Shopping!

Samantha & Andrea