Get to know us a little better

Finally, we are taking the plunge into the blogging world! After months of debating, I am just going to jump right into it! Now lets get one thing straight. Writing is not my strong point! I am no expert writer, you will see grammar errors and probably me repeating myself or mumbling on. But I hope you stick around and enjoy what your read! So lets get started. For our first blog post I thought you would like to know a little bit about us. Lets face it who wants to read something when you don't know the person or people behind the writing! So Who are the faces behind Rose & Ena? Why did we decide to start up our little online shop? What will the blog be about? So lets begin...

So, for those of you who don't already know me, my names Sam (Samantha) I live in the West Midlands with my partner Ashley, we have a checky little boy called Jaxson who was born October 2016. We also have two dogs Obi and Ava. I am an interior addict and am continuously looking for new ideas for our home. We renovated our home 5 years ago. It had no kitchen or no usable bathroom. We knocked walls down and moved things around. We are now currently in the middle of re-doing it (stupid I know, but our tastes have changed) You can keep up to date with me on social media.

I part own Rose & Ena Home Interiors with my Mum, Andrea who is 54 years old. My Mum also lives in the West Midlands along with my Dad, Ron, my younger Sister Amy and two Rabbits. My Mum's home has been in the family around 60 years, she grew up in it with her four sisters and my Nan and Grandad. She briefly moved out and brought her own home around 30 years ago when she got married, Once Amy was born my Mum and Dad decided to buy my Nan and Grandads home and have been here ever since. My Mum has the ability to turn her hand to most crafts. She's an excellent sewer and loves handmade touches to her home.

So, thats a little bit of background about us! But why did we decide to open an online shop? Well, its always been a dream of ours to own our own business. Just over 2 years ago, my mom gave up her job due to health issues, I had just finished my degree in phycology, working part time and pregnant with Jaxson. We had discussed starting something but hadn't put anything into place. Anyway, skip forward six months and we decided it was time to give something ago! We conducted lots of research into it and once we felt our feet we narrowed down our suppliers and began designing the website. Everything has been done by us, from designing the website to taking care of our own accounts, Unfortunately we don't have endless amounts of money to pay lots of people to do these things for us (maybe one day. I hope!) Naming the Business was one of the hardest things we had to do, we both decided it needed to be a meaningful name. So after lots of brainstorming we found the perfect name Rose & Ena. This was my nans name, Rose Ena Beech. A perfect way for my nans name to live on! Overall, its been a hard 18 months. We have learnt lots, made lots of mistakes and it has been one of the most challenging things we have ever done. But its been an exciting year too, watching our small business grow!

My lovely Nan

So now we are moving onto our next step, writing a blog (or attempting it anyway). You can expect lots of style tips, interior decorating, garden ideas, favourite accounts, crafting, maybe some guest blogs and lots more. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook I will also be asking for your input to!

Well If your reading this, thanks for sticking around and reaching the end. I hope I haven't bored you to much! I hope you've enjoyed getting to know us a little better and I am excited share with you our journey, personal and business. Thank you for reading our first blog post.

Samantha x